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Kevin M

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Kevin M. Drummer extroadonaire, doesn't sing tho
As soon as he gives us his bio...

this page is STILL under construction. I have yet to here about his past experience. I hope he has nothing to hide, heh heh. Anyway, Kevin has a drumset, I forgot what brand. I think it's Ludwig, I could be wrong tho. He has an assortment of cymbals that are loud. I know this 'cause I stand next to them at practice and at gigs. He beats his drums hard which epitomizes the meaning of "Rock Drummer"
Kevin is also (from past experience) a good guy, one that it would do you well to get to know. Although I feel I must brand "Get me your bio" to his forehead.
So, until then, if you want to know more about Kevin, I guess you have to ask him because,  I'm getting nowhere.