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Kevin, inspired by the garage band across the street, knew he wanted music to be a part of his life. So, at the tender age of eight, after being so inspired, Kevin got his first guitar. Kevin soon realized he had five fingers and six strings. Kevin got his second guitar, a Bass. Then things really took off.

Kevin's previous bands include:

Vintage: Bass guitar and vocals

Jamboozle: Bass guitar and vocals


Kevin has had the opportunity to open for various national acts such as:
Ratt, Quiet Riot, Pressure 45 & a Metallica Tribute Band.

Kevin's turn-ons include:

Lying next to my babe with nothing on
Fresh bed sheets
The smell of baby powder
Ass kicking sound coming from the PA system

Kevin's turn-offs include:

High gas prices
Political BS
Back Stabbing

(Additional turn offs provided upon written request. The views of the lead- singer do not reflect the views of management.)

Kevin's Motto: "To be better tomorrow than I am today."

Kevin's contribution to the band: "To use my ability to entertain to make someone smile at my music. To change attitudes in sad people."